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Questions & Answers

Oceanic Expeditions in Moss Landing, CA


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The edge of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary underwater canyon trench starts at our expeditions departure in Moss Landing. Monterey Bay’s underwater canyon is more than 2 miles deep (twice the depth of Arizona’s Grand Canyon).


Underwater Canyon

The marine life that habits the largest and deepest Canyon of the Pacific Coast is what ensures our wildlife encounters and our small low-to-water boats provide a more personable experience.

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Moss Landing Harbor

Located between Santa Cruz and Monterey, Moss Landing is the point of connection with inland Elkhorn Slough Reserve, a preserved area in which many sea otters, hundreds of species of plants, and other marine life call home.


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Comfort + Safety

Our new Stabicraft 2750 is used by the Coast Guard for various safety missions throughout New Zealand & the United States. It’s a modern Safe Boat constructed out of heavy duty aluminum. USCG certified for up to 6 passengers capacity in order to provide more personable, comfortable expeditions

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Powered by new eco friendly twin Yamaha’s

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Small toilet located inside cabin if needed while onboard to ensure passengers comfort


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Gray Whales

December – March

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Humpback Whales

February – December

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Blue Whales

June – August